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In the Student Ministry, we have been focused on the topic of salvation; how salvation is only found through faith in Christ, and what it means to show the world the richness of a life that has been redeemed. Now that we have laid the basis for our salvation, we will net focus on Evangelism. Over the course of this study, your teenager will hopefully understand that God has always had a heart for being in relationship with humankind, that Jesus desires for us to be active in sharing the Gospel with those who need to hear it, and that he or she would begin to identify–and address–some of the hang-ups that keep him or her from being more active messengers of the Gospel. Please pray, as we move into a really busy church calendar season, that many of our students will participate. Also, please pray that God will give me wisdom as I put together the 2018 calendar and our Student Ministry plan of action.

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