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SUNDAY SCHOOL Allow me to introduce myself, I am Oscar Garcia from the good old town of Lubbock, Texas, born and raised in Texas. I am former Texas Tech University Engineering graduate and employed by Jacobs Engineering as a Commissioning Specialist (Inspector). I moved from Lubbock to Dallas as God prepared my loving soulmate April in 1997. We have been blessed with two beautiful and awesome children MariElle and Levin whom we adore and love very much for they are blessings from God.

I have loved and served the Lord since I was a young boy and raised to do so unconditionally and unselfishly by my parents and grandparents whom the dear Lord has now taken home to be with Him. I have served as greeter, sang in the choir and volunteered in church activities because this is who I am, a servant for the Lord our God. I have been blessed tenfold by the Lord and will continue to serve our Him until I am called home.

It was a humbling honor to be asked to lead our Sunday school program as Sunday School Director by our congregation to be able to serve, love and share God’s word under His authority. As Sunday School Director I will be dedicated to do my best to help our teachers to reach, teach and minister to our congregation and community, by welcoming and encouraging their feedback and thoughts. And doing my best to supply the necessary teaching materials, training and electronic aids needed for their success in spreading Gods word.

There are so many opportunities to serve in the church and community to share God’s word. By simply greeting new visitors or volunteering over the weekend to mow a yard, remembering that each and every one of us are Gods little messengers planting a seed for the word of God. No matter who you/we are, we are all loved and will be loved by God yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. Do all you do in the name of the Father to glorify Him.

As a servant of God what I do, I do in His name under His authority, this has been my calling. It has always been on my heart to serve unconditionally and unselfishly, and I will do so until my time on this earth comes to an end and then I will serve and glorify Him infinitely for eternity. I believe in paying it forward and as recipients of His grace let us all be His disciples to reach, teach and minister the love of God to all.

Oscar Garcia

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