Hark the Harold performed by the AD Players


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6pm Dec 3rd at The Fellowship

Hark the Harold
Written by Melanie Hampton

Harold is not the brightest angel in the heavenly host, and his enthusiastic shenanigans are really trying the patience of his new partner, Gabriel. As the two carry Godʼs message to Joseph and Mary, will the angels realize His plans for redemption? Find out in this heavenly production full of laughter and Christmas joy.

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When I attended Houston Baptist University in the late 60s and early 70s, Jeanette Clift George, was the actress-in-residence, and the director of drama. She founded the A.D. Players. If you ever get a chance, find the film The Hiding Place, in which she played the leading part of Corrie Ten Boom. You will absolutely love the film set in W.W. II Europe in Amesterdam.
Do we need reservations for Hark the Harold? Are donations allowed?
Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas gift. I plan to bring my wife and daughter.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

We hope you enjoyed the play!

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