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Posted on : 21-12-2017 | By : wmb | In : Uncategorized

Well, during my time serving in ministry, I have learned it is very important to plan things well and it is equally important to be willing to change your plan when the Holy Spirit leads elsewhere. We have pretty consistently stuck with going through our lesson series on the building blocks of our faith on Wednesdays nights. However, on a few occasions over the past two months, God has impressed on my heart to take the conversation in a different direction. This last week one of the other leaders suggested we talk about the tragedy in Sutherland Springs. This was a good night where the students felt like they could open up about their feelings on the situation. We were able to talk about anger and frustrations and how God wants us to deal with these issues. It is exciting to see how God has used these conversations. There is one other encouraging thing with which I would like to leave you: Sometimes, as a student pastor, it is hard to fully convey all that God is doing in the student ministry without taking hours to write out all the details. However, I feel this one story does not need much explanation. A few weeks ago in Sunday school, one of the students said that they now lay in bed on Saturday nights excited that they get to go to church the next day. For this I must say thank you to God and to all of you who take time to pray for the students and this ministry. Please continue to do so.

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