Connect Student Ministry


Posted on : 01-02-2018 | By : wmb | In : Students, Uncategorized

During my time at this church, I have noticed a passionate heart for the young people here and in our community. One place this passion was most evident was in the lives of Pastor
John and Shirley. They both made great sacrifices for these students, many that went unseen, and their involvement in the lives of these students has had a great impact. I pray this passion that they helped instill will always be characteristic of this church. As we move forward, it will take many to fill their shoes. For the student ministry to continue to be successful, it will take an entire church that is passionate about teaching these students what it means to have a relationship with God and how to grow that relationship. This does not mean each person must work directly with students but that the body as a whole will make an intentional effort to care for these students. This can happen in a variety of ways such as: Taking time to talk to them, taking time to listen them, encouraging them, making an effort to include them and, most importantly, praying for them. I know that a lot of these things many of you already do, so thank you and keep up the good work. On another note, in the upcoming months, we have several student activities in the works. However, we are still working through many of the dates and details so I will pass them along as soon as possible.

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