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In the Student Ministry, we have been looking into the subject of God’s glory. God’s glory is one of those “church” words students think they understand until they actually try to define it. Then, they realize they really don’t have a good grasp on what God’s glory is. Over the course of this study, our hope is that the students will come to understand that God’s glory speaks primarily to the honor and awe due to God simply for who He is, the role Jesus played in physically demonstrating God’s glory on this earth, and that God is given glory as our students live out their everyday lives, especially during tough times.

Another awesome thing to note is that we have 20 spots reserved for camp this year. We will be going to Pineywoods Camp from Monday, July 23rd to Friday, July 27th. The cost is $265.

Deposits and Registration Information Forms are due in MARCH!

Sign up for Disciple Now, which will be from March 16th to 17th, has also started and medical release forms have been sent home with the students. On a side note, parents please take the time to read over the paperwork your students are bringing home to you. Many times they list off the exact things your students will need for the activity we are doing. Also, some of our activities require that students have a current medical release form on file. I do not want to have to send any students home for not having what they need.

Joseph Chumchal, Pastor of Student Ministries

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