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Ingold Prayer Update

1. Nancy’s Parents and Jeremy’s Challenges and Blessings

I got off the plane in LA from India and in 4 hours got on another one to Seattle. I met Nancy and Jeremy there just in time for his work-up at the kidney transplant center.

Good News I: Jeremy is now completely ready for a new kidney!
Challenging News I: He has O- blood type (a rare one), and can only have a donor from O- or O+ blood types!

Challenging News II: Nancy’s Mom (with limited strength) and Dad (with failing health in rehab) are moving from their home to Crista retirement center and need help. It is not easy to let go of normal home life and come to a 614 sq. ft. apt, especially when you are not feeling well.

Good News: Nancy, Nancy’s brother, and a super family friend Cora are doing all they can to help them through! And, Crista is a famous Christian retirement place, the Christian part especially requested by Mom! (that is amazing!)
Good News II: Someone on staff at Crista was talking with Nancy — she (before meeting Nancy) said she had been thinking (of all things) about donating a kidney and said, “I have O- blood too.” Nancy started to cry!
She said she would go to the transplant website and begin the process to see if she would qualify to give a kidney to Jeremy!
(If anyone else feels led to do this, too, you can begin to see if you qualify by going to this website and fill out the potential living kidney donor screening at the website below and mention Jeremy Ingold’s name.)

Living Kidney Donor

2. Prabhu Yeshu Granth (Hindi Bible)

Thank you, thank you so much for standing in prayer with us. What a great trip I had to India! By God’s grace and through your prayers we accomplished several things:

— Nearly resolved the copyright issue..Please pray with us now for the BSI Executive Committee and Dr. Chako as they are to make a final decision on our proposal to use their out-of-print text — March 16 (our March 15th night in USA/Canada)
— Established a good relationship with Wycliffe India
— had six+ wonderful (and full) days of editing the text, testing some changes with Hindi-speakers there in Varanasi, and fellowshipping with those who give their lives for the sake of the gospel in Hindi and other North Indian languages.
–met brother Vivek who will put our preview text on an app (he plans to do that next week as we get some more final changes to him)

Thank you again so much for your prayers and partnership with us!

This is me on the Ganges River in front of Tulsi Ghat. Tulsidas (1523-1623) wrote his epic poem about Ram here (Ramcharitmanas). That poem has been hailed as “the best and most trustworthy guide to the popular living faith of the Indian people”. He basically took stories about Ram and put them into a form that the people enjoyed (and Bollywood continues to update his work). It is our prayer that our new translation can be a part of the movement to see the Bible become that “most trustworthy guide” for Hindi-speakers throughout the world.

Translation teammates Raman Singh and Swami Muktanand

Brother who drove our boat, sang bhajans about Lord Yeshu with us, Responded to 1 Cor. 6 in our new translation with a personal prayer request for inner change.

What is this? This was a breakfast called “eggless omlette” and chai. This vegetarian specialty is from Swamiji’s Ashram (which of course is vegetarian) in Varanasi! (it is made from suji — like cream of wheat — and channa /chikpea flour, little pieces of vegetable and fried). Yumm.. Bahoot badiya!

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