Thanks to all who pitched in at the Work Party


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BUILDING & GROUNDS Thanks to all who pitched in at the Work Party, and oh what a party it was! Of course, we kicked the party off with a prayer and a BIG breakfast. After a little bit of fellowship and planning, we jumped right in. These are a few of the things the 15 of us had a great time doing. We cleaned windows, scrubbed the kitchen, vacuumed spider webs, and cleaned and reorganized the pantry. We put a new dish-drying shelf above the kitchen sink and installed a peephole on the back door low enough for our shorter loved ones and youngsters to see through. We replaced the old window tint on the fellowship hall doors and several new lights in the fellowship hall, preschool area, and kitchen. We installed some new door hardware and a non-slip runner on the classroom ramp, and sometime in between all of the excitement, we sat down and had a great lunch together. What a pleasure it is to serve our Lord as a team of believers. We are truly blessed. Darren

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