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If you have a prayer request, you may submit your name and prayer request via this site (be only as specific as you want). Your particular need may be spiritual, health related, financial or for a family member or friend. We have a Prayer Chain, comprised of a group of Prayer Warriors, who pray individually as they are called, then call the next Prayer Warrior on the list and so on until the chain is complete. In a short time frame, you or your loved one has had a number of prayers said on your behalf. We would also appreciate your letting us know when our prayers have been answered. Praise prayers are an important part of our daily prayers.

This website sends all submitted prayer requests directly to the prayer chain coordinator.

Click on “Read Full Article” for the request submission form.

For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalms 9:11

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I have two prayer requests:

1.) My mom is sick, with a bacterial infection in her intestines. She’s 69 and doesn’t seem to be getting better. I’m asking God to heal her from this infection and anything else that might be ailing her.

2.) I’m asking God to bring help for my marriage, for an older couple that has a heart to help troubled marriages and can mentor or ‘adopt’ a struggling couple to set an example for us. My husband doesn’t do relationships, so I’m very lonely and have become angry and bitter. I’ve been reaching out and asking for help for five years now.

Thank you for praying with me,

You request has been added to our prayer chain.

My nephew in law is still in need of prayers. Non smoker has incurable lung cancer. Here is my nieces latest update from Caringbridge. Thanks in advance. Will see y’all Sunday with Ryan!! He is so excited he gets to attend Children’s Church.

September 20th
Journal entry by Christina Lowry — 16 hours ago

Today’s been an interesting day. Mac woke up to coughing/vomiting blood again. By the end of the evening he was pooping out the blood more than coughing/vomiting the blood. It’s fresh blood, so it’s a fresh bleed from somewhere. Why? What caused the cough/vomiting blood? All we know at the moment was that morning labs showed his platelet count at 7. This dropped from the previous day‘s number of 12. They are assuming the fact that his platelets were so low it’s causing bleeding. The platelets could have possibly dropped based on one of the antibiotics but nothing is proven. One group of doctors said when you are that low on platelets, your inner organs barely moving could cause blood loss. His antibiotics did change after he started vomiting blood, so hopefully this will aid in platelet loss. They cannot do any scopes or big tests because he still has Avastin in his system. Avastin increases risk of something worse happening during surgery.

Since Mac woke up vomiting blood, the barium swallow has been tentatively postponed until tomorrow. He will also have the bone marrow biopsy tomorrow.

Since he has received two bags of blood yesterday, his hemoglobin did increase until later this morning after the blood loss. They have pumped him with one bag of platelets, two bags of blood and after while another bag of platelets. Labs will be run every eight hours. They have also given him medicine to help clot the blood and stop the bleeding, along with other antibiotics. They are trying their best to quickly resolve the issue.

His creatinine continues to climb, but will be rechecked in the morning. His sodium looked good. He has no pneumonia! They were worried based on a chest X-ray but a ct scan showed it wasn’t pneumonia.

I’m sure I’m missing something in the update, however who knows what at the moment. Mac is still under neutropenic conditions, so anyone around him needs to be extremely cautious that they are not sick, around sick people, or anything like that.

Hopefully he wakes up tomorrow feeling like a million bucks. The best part of today was we had an amazing nurse who takes care of Mac as if he was one of her own family members. We were truly blessed having her for today’s events. She really cares about her patients. It helped me not feel as stressed with her taking care of him.

Your request has been added to our prayer chain.

please pray for healing mentally and emotionally and pray for finances to come in and that my art business would be successful and i would be able to sell many pieces of jewelry and art cards. Pray for restorative sleep and abundant energy. pray for the healing of relationship with israel and melinda and open doors for communication,connection and fellowship and bring them salvation. pray for 1 year.

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