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If you have a prayer request, you may submit your name and prayer request via this site (be only as specific as you want). Your particular need may be spiritual, health related, financial or for a family member or friend. We have a Prayer Chain, comprised of a group of Prayer Warriors, who pray individually as they are called, then call the next Prayer Warrior on the list and so on until the chain is complete. In a short time frame, you or your loved one has had a number of prayers said on your behalf. We would also appreciate your letting us know when our prayers have been answered. Praise prayers are an important part of our daily prayers.

This website sends all submitted prayer requests directly to the prayer chain coordinator.

Click on “Read Full Article” for the request submission form.

For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalms 9:11

Your Prayer Warriors

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I have two prayer requests:

1.) My mom is sick, with a bacterial infection in her intestines. She’s 69 and doesn’t seem to be getting better. I’m asking God to heal her from this infection and anything else that might be ailing her.

2.) I’m asking God to bring help for my marriage, for an older couple that has a heart to help troubled marriages and can mentor or ‘adopt’ a struggling couple to set an example for us. My husband doesn’t do relationships, so I’m very lonely and have become angry and bitter. I’ve been reaching out and asking for help for five years now.

Thank you for praying with me,

You request has been added to our prayer chain.

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