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Posted on : 29-06-2018 | By : wmb | In : Uncategorized

Well, our summer has started off strong. We just got back from our Mission Trip this year. On it there were many opportunities for our students to use the gifts and abilities God has given them. They served by putting on a day camp for the kids in the community. And when they finished that helped out with several other service projects and community outreach opportunities. There was another student ministry from Kentucky serving alongside us. This was neat because it provided an opportunity to connect with other believers their age. The other group also did a great job of setting an example of how important it is to slow down and take the time to encourage each other. I know that these times of encouragement were a blessing to me and several of the students.

Three days after getting home we jumped right into our next thing. We had a long day of VBS training for the students. They learned the basics of what will be taught each day at VBS. We also spent time focusing on how to present the gospel message in an accurate and clear way. This is something we will be continuing on throughout the summer. We want the students to be well prepared to share this message with anyone at any time. For those of you who are faithfully praying for us please keep VBS and camp in your prayers. These are two things our students will be heavily involved in and wonderful opportunities to see God work through them in a mighty ways.

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