Bible Prophecy series – 7-8pm Wednesdays


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Join us for Pastor Dan George’s series on Bible Prophecy teaching from Revelation chapters 4-22 on Wednesdays at 7-8 pm.

We will start with a season of prayer and then conclude our time with Pastor Dan’s teaching on Bible Prophecy.

If you missed a session or if you just want to review a session click on Sermons and then look for Revelation Study topics.

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Wish I could be there…please record this series. It’s been nearly 25yrs since I’ve had a pastor who preached fervently the second coming and whole counsel of God concerning end times. I believe God will use this message in the hearts of our people and all who hear, to stir us to a greater burden for the lost and the need to reach out and be evangelists in our Jerusalem.
I’m praying for the messenger as he delivers this timely Good News to all who will hear.

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