About the Pastor

Seasons of Ministry – Pastor John Chivvis stepped down after 19 years as the Pastor of The Fellowship at Field Store effective January 1, 2018. Pastor John and Ms. Shirley helped to found The Fellowship and we thank them for their many years of service. We send our prayers for their next season of ministry.

In our coming season of ministry at The Fellowship what are our next steps?

• Supply Preachers
o Grace Life Baptist Church will supply preachers for our January morning worship services
o First Baptist Anderson will supply preachers for our February morning worship services

• Interim Pastor
o Q: What is an Interim Pastor? A: Interim Pastors are men whose call is to help churches work through times of transition. There is healing that needs to take place. A change in pastor, under-shepherd, is like losing a member of your family. An Interim Pastor helps with preparing the church to be ready for their next pastor
o Sister churches have made queries on The Fellowship’s behalf for names and contact information of Interim Pastor resources
o Pray that God will lead His choice for Interim Pastor to The Fellowship

• Pastor Search Team
o From our By-Laws Article II A. 2. Pastoral Call:
“A Pastor shall be chosen and called by The Fellowship whenever a vacancy occurs. His election shall take place at a meeting of the church.

A Pastor Search Team, consisting of five members and two alternates (who will serve at the will of the majority of the members of the Pastor Search Team) shall be selected from a group of ten to twelve active church members willing to serve, nominated by the Administrative Team. The church vote shall be by secret ballot and those receiving the most votes shall constitute the Pastor Search Team.

The Pastor Search Team shall select its own leader. It shall recommend to the congregation one man whom they feel can serve well as Pastor. If he is not elected by a three-fourths vote of the church, the Pastor Search Team shall recommend another.”

o The Pastor Search Team will have two charges
 Recommendation of an Interim Pastor for The Fellowship
 Recommendation of a new Pastor for The Fellowship

Most of the work of the Pastor Search Team will be behind-the-scenes. They will be dealing with much confidential information. It will be natural to want to know how the search is progressing. Pastor Search Team members reply shall be, “We are working. Please, continue to pray for us.” Updates and specific prayer requests will come to the church from the Pastor Search Team lead.

Supply Preachers understand and agree they will not be considered by the Pastor Search Team. The Fellowship may overtime hear a Supply Preacher preach on multiple occasions, even develop a fondness for this servant, and be tempted to rush to call contrary to the work of the Pastor Search Team. For this reason, and that things may be done in good order, Supply Preachers have agreed to remove themselves from consideration of a call.

What each member of The Fellowship can do:

• Pray
o For Patience
 A church I served in took 18 months to call a pastor
 First Baptist Houston took 2 years
o God will bring His man in His time

• Wait on the Lord
o Allow time for healing
o Wait for His Will to be revealed

• Continue the ministries of the church (Sunday School, Worship, Praise, Fellowship, Missions, etc.)
o Give your faithful service to the area God has called you to: Food Pantry, Hospitality, Outreach & Special Events, Student Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Adult Ministry, Prayer & Worship Ministry, Facilities and Grounds Team, Prayer Warriors, Teacher, VBS, etc.)
o This will be pleasing to our Chief Shepherd, Our Lord Jesus!

• Continue your financial support of The Fellowship through your Tithes and Offerings

Administration Team Members (Joseph Chumchal – Pastor of Student Ministries, Maudell Noel – Church Clerk/Sound Booth, Wendell Barton – Deacon Chairman, Jo Peterson – Financial Officer, Oscar Garcia – Sunday School Director, at large members – Sharnel Smith, Darren Ochsner. Wade Clark), please, be in prayer for the Administration (Admin) Team nominations of 10 to 12 active church members who would be willing to serve on the Pastor Search Team if chosen by the church. The Admin Team will meet Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 4 pm to develop our nomination list of 10 to 12 active church members for the church to choose from to select the Pastor Search Team of 7 (5 members and 2 alternates), as per our By-Laws. Be certain that your nominations have been contacted by you, prior to our Admin Team meeting, and would be willing to serve if chosen by the church.

Dear Fellowship Active Members, one of the agenda items for our scheduled Member’s Meeting, Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 4 pm, will be your active member vote to select the Pastor Search Team. Please, be in prayer for God’s choices for the Pastor Search Team and for your attendance/participation at the Member’s Meeting.

Dear Fellowship Family remember Our God is Sovereign. Nothing takes Him by surprise. He loves each of us and He loves The Fellowship at Field Store. Let us look forward with anticipation as He reveals His plans for the next season of ministry at The Fellowship.

In Christ’s Mighty Name, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings,

Bro. Barton, Deacon