Adminstraiton Team and Trustees

Administration Team Members for Sep 2020 through Aug 2021

Pastor Jackson Huynh – Pastor (Team Leader)
Pastor Hany Abdelmalek – Associate Pastor of Youth
Fonda Goode – Church Clerk
Maudell Noel – Sound Booth/Secretary
Karl Mangrum –Advisor on Music Ministries & Sound
Wendell Barton – Deacon Chairman
Jo Peterson – Financial Officer; April Garcia – Assistant to the Financial Officer
Christie Atzenhoffer – Missions Ministry Team Leader
Jerry Willmore – Sunday School Director
four (4) at large members
Anita Baxley
Dakota Stellar
Joe Sustaita
Jim Tuttle

Our Trustees (3 year terms)

Victor Uherek (through August 2023)
Unice Marino (through August 2022)
Jerry Willmore (through August 2021)

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