Ministry Teams

Nine Ministry Teams were approved by the church at The Annual Members Meeting August 23, 2020.

These teams are:

Missions Ministry Team
Children Ministry Team
Student Ministry Team
Outreach & Special Events Ministry Team
Facilities & Grounds Ministry Team
Adult Ministry Team
Prayer & Worship Ministry Team
Seniors Ministry Team
Technology Committee

Church members are ask to, please, consider their involvement in one or more Ministry Team.

If you have questions, please, see Pastor Dan or Bro. Wendell.

Missions Ministry Team

*Assists with appropriate needs of senior adults, widows and single parents, families with unique situations e. storm damages roof, etc.. Folks in our church family and others in the community that need help which is beyond their means.

*Plan and lead the Annual Mission Trip

Chair – Christie Atzenhoffer, Other team members: Gary Noel, Darren Ochsner, Dakota Stellar, Maudell Noel

Children Ministry Team

For the little ones:

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14 (NKJV)


Mission Statement: To model Christ’s Love to children and families in our church and the community at large.

Goal: To provide a safe and loving environment for infants and toddlers freeing their care givers to participate in other functions of our church family.


Mission Statement: To model Christ’s Love to children and families in our church and the community at large.

Goal: To provide a safe and loving environment for preschoolers to engage in activities that demonstrate who Jesus is and that He created and cares for all things including each of them.

Elementary Students

Mission Statement: To reach elementary students in our church and community with the love of Christ. Drawing them into a relationship with Jesus and His church.

Goal: To provide a safe and loving environment for elementary students to engage in educational opportunity. To learn God’s Word and how it applies to their life.

*Reach, Teach, and Minister to children AND their parents/family through SS

*Plan and promote children attending camp.

*Promote and train members to serve in the nursery.

*Updated Nursery & Kindergarten areas

*Vacation Bible School

Chair – Open, other team members: Michelle Uherek (Nursery Admin), Brandi Quin, Robbie Abercrombie, Marla Stevens,
Cindy Ochsner, Cathy Winter, Lisa Willmore, Laurie Bayern, Laura Morello

Student Ministry Team

Click here for more information on the Student Ministry

Chair – Open, other team members: Fonda Goode, Brandi Quin, Dakota Stellar, Linda Wallingford

Outreach & Special Events Ministry Team

Goal: Encourage and promote outreach as a way of life

*Reach out and follow-up with all visitors (Sunday School, Worship, Wednesday night, Food pantry, VBS, special events)

*Plan and promote special events that will enable us to reach out to the community (e.g. concerts or other appropriate entertainment), Youth Rally, Revival, Family nights (movies, games, for families and friends)

Chair – April, other team members: Kyra, Anita

Facilities & Grounds Ministry Team

Mission Statement
Our mission is to be good stewards of the resources God has provided and fellowship in our labor of love for Christ while working to keep our facilities well maintained with a focus on functionality, appearance, and safety, in a spirit of continual improvement to make and keep our facility an inviting and comfortable place for all to fellowship, learn and worship our savior The Lord Jesus Christ.

*Maintenance, repairs, and modifications of building and grounds using local contractors, church members, etc.

*Working on better utilization of space in Fellowship building, SS Building, etc..

Chair – Darren Ochsner, other team members: Gary Noel, Jim Tuttle, Oscar Garcia, Jeffery Marino

Adult Ministry Team

*Reach, Teach, and Minister to adults through Sunday School, Bible Studies, and Fellowship.

*Establishes discipleship needs, e.g. witnessing, teaching, doctrines (Truths of the Faith, Baptist beliefs)

*Promoting service w/in the church family, e.g. teacher training, the story of the Bible,

*Special focus on adult issues-The Meaning of Marriage, Parenting Issues, Dealing with and preparing for the Seasons of Life; Senior Adult Ministry

Chair – Open Position, other team members – Wendell Barton, Zack Willmore, Jerry Willmore
Qtrly – Men’s Breakfast – Jerry (Lead), Zack
Men’s Retreat Planning – Wendell Barton, Kevin Klpatrick (helper), Pastor  Jackson
Women Ministry – Chair or Co-chairs: Fonda
Other Team Members include: Maudell Noel, Kyra Barnes, Laurie Bayern  FSE Outreach Coordinator: Fonda Goode

Prayer & Worship Ministry Team

*Emphasize power, priority & practice of prayer. Weekly prayer focus. Day(s) of prayer for church and lost. Pray for visitors, absentees, the troubled, etc. Use prayer as a means of contact, follow-up and outreach.

*Planning of worship services; seasonal services, special music; Easter Sunrise Service

*Involve youth and children in worship service as appropriate.

*Sunday Worship Praise Team

Chair – Maudell Noel
Singers – Kyra Barnes, Lizzy Barnes, Laura Alexander, Joy Huynh and Katelynn Chung
Musicians – Cathy Winter, Glory Lewis, Jason Alexander, Jackson Travis, Karl Mangrum
Prayer – Linda Wallingford

Seniors Ministry Team

*New – Vision is a ministry to all seniors homebound, otherwise in need, etc.

Chair – Marla

Technology Committee

Chair is Mark Bayern. Members include Jason and Brianna Alexander, Riley Huynh, April & MariElle Garcia.

From By-Laws

C. Ministry Team Membership
As stated previously, membership is based upon one’s calling and giftedness unless one is set aside to be on the Administrative Team or Deacon Ministry. All other ministries will accept membership through the year, of those who desire to join in that ministry.

Welcome to the family!