Associate Pastor of Youth

Hany N. Abdelmalek is the Associate Pastor of Youth at The Fellowship.

Hany Abdelmalek and family:

Hany N. Abdelmalek is a native of Alexandria, Egypt. At 21, he gave his life to Christ Jesus (Feb 1999). Hany graduated with an undergraduate degree in Chemical engineering in 2000. In 2009, he became the associate pastor at Grace Apostolic Church, North Cairo, Egypt. In 2014, Hany moved to the US to pursued further theological training at Southwestern Theological Seminary. He graduated with MDiv and Th.M in Biblical Studies/Languages. Moreover, he is currently working on his Ph.D. in Old Testament. Besides work and study, he has served in various capacities at Travis Ave, Baptist Church: teaching Sunday school, witnessing to students at college campuses, helping in Childcare at Church, and sharing faith with non-Christians.
While attending Southwestern Theological Seminary, Hany lived in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife Nermeen and his four kids, Timothy, Yotham, Joel, and Immanuel.

(Hany was called as Associate Pastor of Youth on August 29, 2021)



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