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CBBA The Creath Brazos Baptist Assoc. newsletter is available by e-mail, see or email Maudell to get on the mailing list. You may also go to Creath Brazos Baptist Assoc. website at The Creath Brazos Baptist Assoc and click on the newsletter to view.

PANTRY HOURS Tuesday 10am to noon.

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday, Wednesday 8am to 4pm & Thursday 8am to 2pm

ALTAR FLOWERS Have you ever considered commemorating someone with flowers for the altar? If so please contact the church office to do so, or to get more information.

Postage If you get your newsletter though the mail and would like to receive it via email please let me know and I will add you to our emailing list. Thanks, Maudell p.s. if you are not receiving it via email you could be missing out on some of the goings on!

e-Communication tools: While you are on the go we now have several ways to keep up with what is going on here at The Fellowship. In addition to our web site Fellowship at Field Store, we now have a Smartphone App (for more info on the app go to e-Communications) and a Facebook (FB) page for The Fellowship (for more info on the FFS Facebook page click on the Facebook symbol on your My Church App from your Smartphone or Tablet or use the link The Fellowship FB page). Send your comments and suggestions regarding these tools to Wendell Barton.

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