A Word from Pastor John

Driving down the Skyline Drive in Virginia and then continuing on the Blue Ridge Parkway into North Carolina we were blessed by all of the colors of Fall as the leaves were changing colors. Trees were multi-colored in most cases. However there were some that were yellow, and very beautiful. Yet upon close observation there were very few leaves that were totally yellow on any particular tree. Most were yellow with other shades of green or yellow or brown. I thought about the church. Every member has placed his or her faith in Jesus our Savior and has been born again. Each is a part of the body of Christ and each is called to serve and given a unique spiritual gift to be used in building up the body. Yet everyone in practice sins and stumbles along life’s journey, i.e. each has flaws, like the leaves. Thankfully God enables the body with all of her parts to minister in the name of Christ and enable others to experience God’s love. The blood of Christ has covered our imperfections and living as one the world can see the beauty of the Lord.

Pastor John