Nursery/Preschool News


First, I want to thank God for leading our little children to their class at Fellowship @ Fieldstore. Second, I thank the parents and grandparents for bringing the children to class and preparing them to hear God’s Word and that Jesus loves them. Third, I thank Anita for being with our little ones on Wednesday night. Everyone loves Anita, because she loves God. Then I want to say thank you to our teenagers that had jumped in to help with the children.

In May our focus was ” People at church helps me.” So, we looked at John 13:2-5, where Jesus helped his friends. Also, we looked into 1 Corinthians 12:28, and read God gives us people to help us.

We had Mother’s Day weekend this month, so our children traced their hands and feet to represent prayer, and holding Jesus/mom/grand- mother hand so we can grip tightly in God’s guided plan. Of course, the feet represented the pitter patter of the little feet stepping behind mom/grandmother as they follow the footsteps of Jesus. Attached to our traced little hands and feet was a small candy bag, to tell mom/grandmother how sweet she is and how much she is loved.

Prayers for our children and families this month.

More Nursery News… God continues to bless us with little people. Nursery/Pre-K workers needed during church service. Let Cynthia know when you can serve. Extra thanks to Anita and Jeannie for covering Nursery and Pre-K on Wednesday nights.