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March-Time changed with our clocks springing forward, but our bodies may not have sprung so quickly. But God said, rise and shine, because Jesus loves you and Jesus can show how love changes people. In March, our children were told that Jesus loves them and how Jesus loves all little children. (Luke 18:25-17). We even learned Jesus loves you – no matter what your age, height or problems may be. Jesus’ love should flow through you to your children and let us teach the powerful lesson from the Bible to our children. God gave us a spring of beauty in March with new life with color. Let us enjoy activities, talk lovingly of Jesus, and frequently hear the words, “Jesus loves You.” – Marla

Preschool News THE LITTLES

December is always a special month because we get to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Not only do we celebrate his birthday but we also celebrate that he came to die for our sins. Jesus is Gods gift to us. The kids enjoyed learning about the birth of Christ this month.

I’d like to invite you and your children to come join us. We now have a children’s church, and a class for ages 3-5. And we still have the nursery for the precious babies. Brandi