Nursery/Preschool News


The month of June brought visitors to the nursery and we said thank you, God. We had AJ and Job visited in early June. Then we had Ben and Corey this past week. These were little young men happy to hear more about what God has planned for them as they grow. Little Klara has almost settled in and happy with how things go in the nursery. Of course, Kora and Kacee are always smiling. With these little heart melting smiles, make you wonder what they are up too. Kathryn loves to read and really loves her parents to the point she begs them to stay in nursery. Of course, after parents leave, she is part of the toddler click. Then here comes our organizer, Raleigh. Raleigh is about age 2 1/2 and may be our upcoming Sunday School director and VBS leader. She focuses on our offering time and who should give offering first to Jesus. She helps decide the coloring time, the reading time, and what toy should be shared with who.

Our study this month came from Matthew 6:28-32 – “Jesus told about God’s care.” Also, we talked about, God cares about you. (1 Peter 5:7)

We tried to look at the Bible, so the little ones will soon know, it is not a book we sit on the shelf and we are to use this Bible to learn about Jesus and how God wants us to live our lives.

I thank God these children were brought to church in June and pray for those that brought them. I pray your love for Jesus will always be strong enough to continue bringing them so they will learn to love Jesus, too.

I thank Anita, again, for her faithful love and service to be with these little ones on Wednesday night. I also thank the other volunteers that stepped in when they heard a call or cry from the nursery room.

May God hold you close as we pray together for and with your children. – Marla

More Nursery News… God continues to bless us with little people. Nursery/Pre-K workers needed during church service. Let Cynthia know when you can serve. Extra thanks to Anita and Jeannie for covering Nursery and Pre-K on Wednesday nights.