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Nursery/Preschool news…

Many of our little ones were absent in December due to the flu bug lingering with them or within their families. I pray, God heals their little bodies. I pray for the children’s families’ health be restored too.

This month, we tried to help our children to show interest in activities, conversation, and songs about baby Jesus. We want to bring children’s attention to seeking Jesus’ love in ways they will understand.

December becomes a busy month filled with excitement. Take time to treasure the presence of Christ with your child in your daily living. As your child grows, we will try to ponder ways Jesus touches their life with joy, salvation and peace.

We had songs of “Look in the Stable,” “Happy Birthday, Jesus,” “Jesus Was Born,” ” Ring those Bells,” etc. Music makes us glad Jesus was born. Thank you, God for Jesus.


Preschool News THE LITTLES

December is always a special month because we get to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Not only do we celebrate his birthday but we also celebrate that he came to die for our sins. Jesus is Gods gift to us. The kids enjoyed learning about the birth of Christ this month.

I’d like to invite you and your children to come join us. We now have a children’s church, and a class for ages 3-5. And we still have the nursery for the precious babies. Brandi