MyChurch App

MyChurch App for The Fellowship:

A Smartphone App for The Fellowship at no cost to you.
o The free My Church App enables The Fellowship to connect with today’s mobile culture
o Integrates both the Fellowship Facebook page and the existing church website

My Church App
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To get started first download the free My Church App from the iTunes or Google Play app stores:

ITunes Store

Google Play Store

Once the My Church App is installed on your Smartphone or Tablet find “your” church by typing:

The Fellowship at Field Store

When The Fellowship at Field Store name appears tap or click on the name and the My Church App will connect to “your” church.

This may take a minute or two the first time connecting to “your” church.

The next time you launch the My Church App from your Smartphone or Tablet it will “remember” your church and automatically connect to The Fellowship at Field Store.

(Note: When upgrades are pushed to the My Church App the link to “your” church may be lost after an upgrade. Just “find” your church again and the link will be reestablished.)

A Facebook (FB) page for The Fellowship
o Provides a “presence” on social media as an area church
o Enables The Fellowship to connect with today’s social media culture
o FB page is linked to existing FFS web site information

For more information on the FFS Facebook page click on the Facebook symbol on your My Church App from your Smartphone or Tablet or click on Fellowship at Field Store Facebook page

e-Communication allows us to stay in touch when we are the go.

Need to check on an event or date and time?

Forgot who has an upcoming birthday?

Remember to check the the My Church app on your Smartphone or Tablet or the Fellowship at Field Store web site.

The new e-communication tools are linked to the Fellowship’s web site which is updated with each month’s current items from The Fellowship Newsletter, as well, as other helpful information like:

• Contact details and map and directions for those looking for a church home
• Links to Bibles online
• Links to the Creath-Brazos Association
• Reminders for service times