Daily Reading Plans via My Church app

One of the features of the MY CHURCH app are daily Bible reading plans.

Tap the center button at the bottom of the MY CHURCH app screen and the daily Reading plans @PursueGod Reading Plan, Life Journal Reading Plan, 90 Day Reading Plan w/Pursue will appear.

How to use a reading plan:

Pursuing God Reading Plan
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For example, tap on @PurseGod Reading Plan and the app opens the calendar, highlighting today’s date and listing the items for today readings.

Daily readings and Calendar
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Tap on the arrow on the right side of the screen to open the scripture reading.

Scripture passage
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From the scripture page you may change Bible versions, listen to audio of the passage or change font size.

Holding your finger on a verse or passage will highlight the text and a “send Icon” will appear on the bottom tool bar. You may then select a color for highlighting or add a Note or forward the verse or passage via message or email.

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Tap on the arrows at the bottom right-side of the screen to continue to the next passage.

(For more information or to install the MY CHURCH aoo click on MY CHURCH app)