Grace To All

GRACE TO ALL… The Grace Bible study class has been the scene of some joyful answered prayers this month. We’ve seen Gracie get the medical care that she needs and find new doctors to help her get relief from some of the constant pain. I am very thankful for that and just praise God for answering prayer. There is another in our group who has gotten a bad diagnosis and we are praying for that dear sister that God will continue to, as she puts it “walk up this mountain” with her. We praise God for his speaking to us and showing us areas where we can do more to encourage these ladies who attend and those who cannot. We hope to soon be delivering just little things like some homemade bread or perhaps a little chicken and dumplings or just something that they’re not able to do for themselves anymore.

We welcome anyone who has a heart for this ministry to join us every Tuesday morning at 10 am for Bible Study, lunch & Fellowship at Gracie’s House. In Him, Jenelle