Grace To All

The Grace Class Titus II Women

Dear Fellowship:

It’s so good to be back home after a month away from the “Grace Ladies” and my Church. Thank you Marla for making the transition successful.

…….we are meeting at Georgia Ennis’ home every Tuesday at 10 a.m. until further notice. If you need directions (or a ride) i.e. would like to join us, please call Marla or myself 979.826.3264.

We are continuing our study in “The Gospel Project” which will culminate this Summer. It has been informative, insightful and inspirational to the links between the Old and New Testaments. It mainly has revealed to me and possibly others just how little I do know and understand God’s Word. Hopefully we all are challenged to study more “to show ourselves approved unto God workmen that need not be ashamed”. It’s my desire that we gain a greater burden for those who don’t know the Savior and will boldly share His love with our community. My focus for the coming months is to encourage more of our Senior Titus 2 ladies to join us on Tuesday mornings especially if you are not already attending Sunday School. We need and miss you and encourage you to join us. The fellowship is so sweet and I believe we seriously benefit from being with ladies who are in our “Season of Life”.

One of the exciting things ahead is that we plan to assemble little tokens of our love for the teachers and staff at Fields Store Elementary. This is sponsored by our Women’s Ministry on the first Tuesday of every month and it is our pleasure to be able to assist in this way as we really enjoy craft projects 😉

If you prefer a Sunday Bible study, consider the ladies SS group taught by Anita Baxley every Sunday morning at 9:30 in our Hospitality room just inside the East entrance to the Sanctuary. Be engaged and be blessed! In Him, Jenelle