Grace To All

The Grace Class Titus II Women

God allowed Georgia and her happy dog, Jazzie, to share her home with our senior ladies again this month for prayer, fellowship, lunch, and sharing of God’s Word. Our ladies are blessed with the beautiful landscaped home, countryside spotted with open pastures, trees, exotic animals and picturesque skies to help bring peace and focus to our Lord’s creation.

Because of the sadness and hurt that fell on our country, community, and families this month, our ladies lifted many up to our Lord in dedicated prayer. We even prayed for those that felt no hope. As we prayed, Jesus unlocked the door, Jesus heard, and hope was revealed and many prayers answered.

We thanked God for watching over Jenelle when she was away the past few weeks and now welcome her back home. Jenelle prepared a delicious meal of beans and cornbread this past week in memory of Gracie, which would have been age 92 this month. (Our first senior lady Bible study was in Gracie’s home more than 2 years ago.)

Our May study was focused on Letters to God’s People. We must focus on Jesus and desire to follow His spirit. We know we are weak, but God strengthens us through His spirit to fight against powers of this world. We had a study on being greedy and the meaning of generous. God has been merciful and generous by giving us his son, Jesus. Are we empowered by our Lord to be merciful and generous to others? I pray we do not belong to an idol factory, but to ask God to help us love Him more and us to have a desire to please Him in a more powerful way.
We summed up the month of May, because Jesus gave faith and hope to all that have gone before us and will be fulfilled when He returns. We have assurance of God’s promises.

Thank you, Georgia, for sharing your home with us this month. I thank God for giving His Word to study and share. (Marla)