Grace To All

GRACE TO ALL… January 2018 began with some challenges that led us to commit, think, and seriously bring our prayer requests frequently to our Lord. With each prayer request, we learned to say thank you, Lord, for the answered prayer and blessing we received. We have not been able to meet in Gracie’s home due to her health and hospitalization. We long to sit in her living room to fellowship and study God’s Word. We have missed the meeting at her kitchen table to thank God for the food we eat and the blessings God gives us. We continue to pray for Gracie’s health to be restored, so she will soon be present and back in her home. God provides her much wisdom; she still longs to share with us all.

When the January weather permitted, we met at the church for fellowship and study of God’s Word. Some of us were not able to meet every week due to health or other obligations. Prayers for our older ladies are needed to teach the younger ladies to grow in wisdom of God’s Word and love.

We discussed how God’s spirit empowers us as God opens the Book of Acts 8 in a story about Phillip explaining to an Ethiopian eunuch how Jesus died for our sins and was raised from the dead. God again provided another story from Acts 10 – clean and unclean people – God shows no favoritism – proclaim message of Jesus death and resurrection to all people. Now, we learned the Holy Spirit empowers us, we also know God sends us.

The Book of Acts 9, showed how the conversion and calling of Saul (later known as Paul), demonstrated God’s power to transform him into a witness for Christ. Saul encountered the crucified and risen Jesus. Today we pray God empowers you, through His spirit, and transforms you, to be a person God sends to be a witness for Christ when you encounter the crucified and risen Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for loving us and allowing our older ladies meet and share in your Word. (Marla)