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NURSERY NEWS. “Jesus the Savior” Oh how important is it for us to know, Jesus is our Savior. In our story of Jesus Crucifixion, we focused on God is loving and He sent His Son to be the Savior
of the world because He loves us. God is just and God’s law is plain.

Our next lesson was about Jesus resurrection. Jesus is alive!! We believe Jesus is alive by faith. Jesus is seated at the right hand of God and reigns as King over all creation. The Pre-k class pretended they were the two disciples walking to Emmaus discussing events of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus appeared to them to show how scriptures points to Him. Now we looked at a story of Jesus’ friends hiding in a locked room. They were afraid. Jesus entered the room and stood there without unlocking the door. Jesus friends were so happy to see Jesus is alive. Jesus even ate fish with them. We are going to tell others Jesus is alive and we believe it is true. The Bible is all about Jesus.

We have a face lift in the nursery for babies through age 2. Appropriate toys and furniture set in place. Smiling and enthusiastic Brandi has opened her heart to accept the pre-k class (age 3 thru pre-k). This class, Ms. Brandi’s class, meets in room next to nursery.

Please be patient with us because children, teachers, and other staff members are still making adjustments so there will be a safe, fun, and Bible learning environment. Our construction team is still working on improvements, one nail at a time.

Through prayer and faith, God is leading his sheep to follow in faith. Thank you for Cynthia and Oscar for their dedicated prayers and being active in assisting with nursery and pre-k clean-up.

We ask that at the at time your child is left with a nursery worker, please make sure we have good phone number, the name of the person picking up your child, and if there are any allergies, or other pertinent information that we might need. Thank you for allowing your children to fellowship with Nursery/Pre-K Sunday School class at Fellowship @ Field Store. We pray with your child for their families.


Preschool News THE LITTLES

God has led me to be a part of the children’s ministry and for that I am so thankful. The kids and I had a great time this past Sunday learning how God spoke light into being. Genesis1:3&4 And God said, “let there be light, “and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. PTL! Ms Brandi