October SSS report

Super Second Saturday in October Report:

Since it’s October and we are in the fall season our lesson was titled “How Christians are like Pumpkins”! We learned how we open our minds to learn about God (take off the top), ask God to take away all of my sin and forgive me for the wrong things (clean the gooping the inside), open my eyes so God’s love I will see(eyes), Im sorry for turning up my nose to all God given me(cross nose), open up my ears so God’s word I will hear(bible ears), open my mouth so I can tell others God is near(fish shape mouth), lighting the candle inside we let our light shine for God in all that we do and say(light). Our bible story was in the book of Acts 7-13. We learned about one of Jesus’ apostles named Paul. Paul was not always a nice person and we discussed how “Saul” was on the inside. Saul became blind when he was converted through God on the road to Damascus. God sent Ananis to heal Saul’s eyes and help him to see God’s truth.
Saul then became Paul and began his journey sharing the good news about all God had done. Just like Saul, God can change a person on the inside. Even when we do bad things, we can ask God to forgive us and He will clean us. To go along with our story we made pumpkin crafts, did pumpkin games, and had pumpkin treats! Thank you to Mrs. Brandi for all your help!