Women’s Ministry

Beautiful Ladies,

We praise God for you! As the 2017-2018 school year draws to a close next month, we are in amazement of the ways that you have come alongside the staff appreciation ministry at Field Store Elementary. Because of your love, service and donations, we have been blessed to provide meals and treats for the staff and teachers once a month since school began last September (nearly a month late, thanks to Harvey). You have been an encouragement each month when we walk into the church kitchen and find food to feed a small army. You have been a testimony to many as you stand in that Teacher’s Lounge and offer a smile, a warm greeting and a helping hand as they make their plates. You have been a blessing to the staff and administration as you have lovingly put together treats and favors to share from your hearts. And those prayers you have poured over it all? They have been priceless!

Some people may wonder how a staff appreciation ministry even began. What’s its purpose? The short answer? The Ministry to Women’s Team had been praying for over a year as to how we might serve our Field Store community. At the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we met with Mrs. Crosby, Principal at Field Store Elementary, and asked her how we could come alongside the school. She mentioned that she is very limited in what she is able to do to encourage her staff…and thus was born a once a month staff appreciation ministry.

The Scriptural Context? We are reaching out to our Jerusalem in hopes that the love of Christ would shine forth into our community (Acts 1:8 & John 13:35)

Each time we have visited the Lounge, we have been asked (at least once) ‘why are you doing this?’ Our answer – ‘we want you to know how much we appreciate you and the ways that you serve our children.’ We have seen time and again the weariness on faces turn to smiles when they walk through the door and realize that instead of a sack lunch, there is a hot meal prepared just for them.

The Lord has sanctioned our visits to be an encouragement on at least one TOUGH day of testing and we have even been part of a fire drill!

All of these things are only possible because of your willingness to allow the Lord to use you! This ministry is not a budget item, but exists solely because of your generous donations of time, resources and prayer. Because of you we were able to keep the commitment of our once a month outreach to the school. For this, we say THANK YOU! May the Lord richly bless each of you, Kyra and Fonda