Mission Trip 2018 Reflections

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God revealed Himself by reminding us it doesn’t take much to show GREAT love. Sometimes, just being there to chat is where God needs you. April

A few of the highlights of this year’s trip for me are… sharing my faith in Christ with the kids in the park and eating lunch with them, making repairs to the mission center, making new friends with the Kentucky team, and the closing candle lighting circle where we shared something special about someone in the circle and then lit their candle. Darren O

Amazing! This has been the most fulfilling mission trip I’ve ever been on; between each of the teams in Wheelwright the whole community was touched and ministered to. Christie A

God was working through the young men working on the deck for the elderly couple making certain that what they were building was dedicated to God. Seeing God at work was amazing because we automatically join Him in sharing His love with the community of Wheelwright. Oscar

I was very blessed during this trip to see how God was working in the lives of some of our students. From some of our students you could not help but see God’s love and joy exuding from them. On the last night we had a time of encouragement. It was a blessing to get to witness others lifting our students up and pointing out what they were seeing God do in the life of that student. This encouragement brought many of our students to tears. It brought me to tears. It was something God knew I personally needed and He blessed me with it. Thank you, God. Joseph C

This mission trip was really fun. Probably the best one I’ve been on. Meeting all the children from Kentucky was cool they are very nice kids and seem to be very interested in learning about God. A few even went on to ask many questions about the Lord. I pray they go on to learn more and that we really made an impact on the community in Wheelwright. Hopefully they go on to serve our amazing God. -Kiley O

Hey it’s McKenna, what I loved about mission trip was I mostly enjoyed meeting new friends I love meeting people the Kentucky group and the kids made my day everyday and I could not thank God enough for putting together the best first mission trip for me. God taught me be brave and not fearful. Also, to know the people that you know, that God has put around you will protect and defend you no matter what. Levin

Long days and short nights make for tired people short fuses. But…. God is good. We were able to make repairs to the facility, spend time with the children in the community and visit others in the area. And still had time to sit and visit a little. Any time that many people are in that close proximity to one another, some being strangers when we met, you are bound to have some strife. But again God is good and it (strife) was at a very, very minimum. I think all in all seeds were planted, people were encouraged and we all grew a little. Did I mention that God is good! Gary

As I said Sunday there’s so much to say about this year’s mission trip, in this I’ll talk about how the people we interacted with affected me. First the kids at the day camp, they were great. They were so full of joy while being there. It was great to put on a rec time for them, and see them have so much fun. Second the people that ran the place. Ash and Ryan were such cool people; they made running the place look so easy. They always had time to interact with us, whether it was talking to us, playing a card game, or playing basketball. They did work and had fun and it makes me think of what I could do in place like that. Last, but not least, the people we stayed with; they were all pretty amazing people. They honestly made the trip a thousand times better. It was so great getting to meet new people from a new place; they were all so nice and our two groups got along greatly. By the end of the week we were all pretty much friends; it was so hard to leave them. I’ll remember this trip and all of those people forever. I have to thank everybody who had a part in me going on this trip and I have to thank God for putting it on my heart to go and for making this trip a great one. I hope we somehow go back sometime, and see them again. Joe S

This mission trip we were placed in a very special community. These children needed to be showed love and needed to learn about the love of God. It truly was His work placing us there. Please keep the children of Wheelwright in your prayers as the summer passes by and they continue to learn and grow. Alyssa S

This mission trip really helped me grow with Christ. I saw so many great works God has done over mission trip, and I thought it was just amazing. I’m glad I had this opportunity and I took it. If I had a chance to go back, I would. Nick V

On mission trip 2018 I learned to be thankful for the little thing in life. We expect so much but these kids have so little. Each child’s face left an impact on my life and I’m thankful for another opportunity teaching Gods word to these lil kids. Kaitlynn O
God taught me to be courageous in meeting new people. Also, I learned that I am not to put faith in anyone other than God, because sometimes people can let you down. MariElle

To get ready for the week we prepared a schedule and a plan, little did we know God had a bigger plan. Each day as our plan flew out the window God’s plan took off… We were never on schedule and most days the last activity was first and the first was somewhere there in the middle. And throughout the week we saw God work His plan as He put people yielded to His service in the construction, community and children’s ministries exactly where they were needed to live out our day camp theme: to love, give our best, and to bless and be blessed.

We were part of the first mission group at the Big Creek Wheelwright campus; we served with a group from a sister church, Gethsemane Baptist from Glasgow KY. Lisa, Mike Denise and the students from Glasgow, KY were amazing as they served tirelessly, in the community and constructions ministries, they were truly an inspiration.

Our team, with the exception of a few, served in the children’s day camp ministry. The theme for the week was “love is giving the best of yourself to someone” and we did our best to do just that, through different aspects of love as taught in God’s word.

 We loved God, and the children, with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength
 We learned we are bankrupt without love.
 We learned love is patient, as the FFS Players (thank you Darren=Laben, Kodi=Jacob, April=Leah, and Alyssa=Rachel) acted out the story of Jacob and Rachel.
 We learned we must love our enemies and pray for those who treat us wrong, because the only way to defeat hate is with love.
 And we wrapped the week up with the blessing of when we show love, we make the world a better place, and it helps us too!

Monday we had 7 children who were unsure of exactly what to expect show up. Meanwhile the community team passed out flyers and made contacts throughout town, and the word got out through the Wheelwright facebook page, both of which really boosted attendance. Each day after that we welcomed new faces to the group, and saw them all open up a little more as they began to understand: we were there for them. On Friday we were missing a few who’d been there earlier in the week, but still there were new faces. Throughout the week we ended up having an average of 18 children in attendance.

Many of the children realized there would be a day camp for 5 more weeks during the summer, however they didn’t quite grasp that it wouldn’t be us, one who did said, she wasn’t coming back because it wouldn’t be fun if we weren’t here. Of course we all encouraged her and the others to come each week and bring their friends because the other teams would all have something new and exciting to share. My prayer is that throughout the summer the number of children attending would grow, as God brings more groups to love on them, encourage them and to show and teach them about Jesus’ love.

The trip to and from KY was smooth sailing! The distance was of some concern to several of us but God’s grace and mercy got us there and back with no bends breaks or tears. The blessings began with an over-night stay at FBC Gadsden in TN where we caught up with what was going on at the church and were elated to hear they had about 30 kids at VBS this year. On the way home we over-nighted in AK at Cross Bar C Cowboy Church were we had a good night’s rest and were again blessed with a hearty breakfast of biscuits, sausage, eggs, and gravy to begin the last leg of our trip home. The beautiful thing about the to and from part of our trip is that this actually began 8 years ago with a mission trip to a small town in AK, but that’s a whole nother story… the point is our God has worked out every detail of His plan from the beginning of time and He continually and gently invites us to join Him. We are all pieces in His puzzle that He will never force into place. Each of us has a gift/talent He has given to be used to bless His people in our local church and on mission when the opportunity arises.

Yielded, malleable, and ready for His plan is where we all should live. And I thank every member of our team year for their willingness to go so far to serve with each of their special gifts, you were each a blessing to me. And as several have expressed a desire to go back to Big Creek Wheelwright we trust that if this is part of God’s plan for our future He already has it all worked out. All the glory goes to God, thank you Lord for letting us ride along.

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