Game On VBS 2018 Registration


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Click here to register your child for VBS 2018: Game On Participate Registration

C.S. Lewis on Stage: The Most Reluctant Convert


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We were a group of 16, including 7 students, that attended the sold-out performances in Houston. It was an 80 minute play with no intermission where the audience was walked through C.S. Lewis’s journey from Atheism to Faith in Christ. Max McLean portrayed C.S. Lewis, from the setting of his 1950’s office, takeing us through key moments in his life – his mother’s death from cancer as a small boy, his private tutoring that shaped his mental skills to ask questions, his dabbling in the Occult, various belief systems he tried like Materialism, his experience as an officer-solider in the trenches of WWI and his years as an Oxford Don where his friendship with J.R.R. Tolkien, HVD Dyson and others helped to shape his thinking that brought him to Faith in Christ. Lewis said he came, “Kicking and screaming into the kingdom as the most reluctant covert ever.” C.S. Lewis went on to be one of, if not the, greatest Christian apologist of the 20th century.

“Now the story of Christ is simply a true myth: a myth working on us the same way as the others, but with this tremendous difference that it really happened: and one must be content to accept it in the same way, remembering that it is God’s myth where the others are men’s myths: i.e., the Pagan stories are God expressing Himself through the minds of poets, using such images as He found there, while Christianity is God expressing Himself through what we call ‘real things’.” ― C.S. Lewis

Connect Student Ministry


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To be honest, writing an article for the newsletter every month is quite difficult. It is not because I must try to think up something to write. It is the fact that there is so much to write about and far too little time to write it all down. These last few months have been really full of activity. The two main factors in this was the preparation for Disciple Now and for a Dessert and Entertainment Night. Our Disciple Now weekend went great. We had 16 students come and enjoy a weekend of fun, fellowship, worship, and study of God’s word. During our study time, we looked at how once we become God’s child He starts a renewing process in our lives. We also focused on how we need to submit our hearts, mind and strength to His will rather than our own. One of the main reasons this weekend went so well is because of our adult leaders. They came out and helped, lead small groups, prepared the food, build relationships and wore themselves out by participating in our night game. The other big thing going on right now is a Dessert and Entertainment Night the students will be hosting on April 7th for the church as a way to use their gifts and talents to show appreciation to the church. The students have been working really hard practicing and working through all the details of this special night. If you would like more details on the event, please talk to one of the students.

One more thing I would like to remind you about is that we have 20 spots reserved for camp this year. We will be going to Pineywoods Camp from Monday, July 23rd to Friday, July 27th. The cost is $265. Deposits and Registration Information Forms are due MARCH 28th!

Thanks to all who pitched in at the Work Party


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BUILDING & GROUNDS Thanks to all who pitched in at the Work Party, and oh what a party it was! Of course, we kicked the party off with a prayer and a BIG breakfast. After a little bit of fellowship and planning, we jumped right in. These are a few of the things the 15 of us had a great time doing. We cleaned windows, scrubbed the kitchen, vacuumed spider webs, and cleaned and reorganized the pantry. We put a new dish-drying shelf above the kitchen sink and installed a peephole on the back door low enough for our shorter loved ones and youngsters to see through. We replaced the old window tint on the fellowship hall doors and several new lights in the fellowship hall, preschool area, and kitchen. We installed some new door hardware and a non-slip runner on the classroom ramp, and sometime in between all of the excitement, we sat down and had a great lunch together. What a pleasure it is to serve our Lord as a team of believers. We are truly blessed. Darren

MISSION TRIP 2018: Wheelwright, Kentucky


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Our mission trip this year will be to Wheelwright, KY. We will be working with Big Creek Missions out of their Wheelwright Campus. We have 24 ready willing and able team members signed up. We will depart from the church EARLY on Saturday morning, June 9 and return late in the evening on Sunday, June 17

For more information click on: Mission Trip 2018

Brief Bio on Pastor Dan George – Nominee for Interim Pastor


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Pastor Dan completed the “Today’s Interim Pastor Training” sponsored by the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention in August 2017 and facilitated by Dr. Ted Elmore.

In October he was called by Magnolia Baptist Church in Cleveland, Texas to be their Interim Pastor. That lasted for 2 months and the church then called their Worship Leader, Bro David Parish to be their Pastor.

Prior to that Interim position Pastor Dan had retired from active pastorate for five years but had been very involved in his church (Fairfield Baptist Church, Cypress, Texas) as a teacher, small group leader, and leading a prayer gathering on Monday nights.

Pastor Dan’s last pastorate was at Six Mile Baptist Church in Hemphill, Tx, where he pastored for almost 10 years. During his tenure the church grew by 187 members and there were 93 baptisms. He also led the church through a 1.265 million dollar building program that was completely paid for in 21 months.

After pastoring there, he worked for the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention as a Field Ministry Strategist.

The PST unanimously nominates Pastor Dan George for Interim Pastor


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The FFS Pastor Search Team (PST) unanimously nominates Pastor Dan George for Interim Pastor.

April 8, 2018:
– Pastor Dan George will preach the morning message in view of call
– Potluck lunch following morning service Noon till 1 pm
– Q&A session with Pastor Dan George and Avonell in the sanctuary 1pm to 2pm
– Special called business meeting at 5 pm for the church’s Yes or No vote on the call of Pastor Dan George as Interim Pastor

Information package is in the church foyer that includes Agenda for Special Called Business Meeting, PST nomination, bio information on Pastor Dan George, Covenant of Relationship, Housing Allowance Resolution and two informational documents.

Pastor Dan George is also a cancer survivor and is now cancer free. His testimony can be found at the link Pastor Dan’s Testimony

Update from Missionary Paul Ingold


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Ingold Prayer Update

1. Nancy’s Parents and Jeremy’s Challenges and Blessings

I got off the plane in LA from India and in 4 hours got on another one to Seattle. I met Nancy and Jeremy there just in time for his work-up at the kidney transplant center.

Good News I: Jeremy is now completely ready for a new kidney!
Challenging News I: He has O- blood type (a rare one), and can only have a donor from O- or O+ blood types!

Challenging News II: Nancy’s Mom (with limited strength) and Dad (with failing health in rehab) are moving from their home to Crista retirement center and need help. It is not easy to let go of normal home life and come to a 614 sq. ft. apt, especially when you are not feeling well.

Good News: Nancy, Nancy’s brother, and a super family friend Cora are doing all they can to help them through! And, Crista is a famous Christian retirement place, the Christian part especially requested by Mom! (that is amazing!)
Good News II: Someone on staff at Crista was talking with Nancy — she (before meeting Nancy) said she had been thinking (of all things) about donating a kidney and said, “I have O- blood too.” Nancy started to cry!
She said she would go to the transplant website and begin the process to see if she would qualify to give a kidney to Jeremy!
(If anyone else feels led to do this, too, you can begin to see if you qualify by going to this website and fill out the potential living kidney donor screening at the website below and mention Jeremy Ingold’s name.)

Living Kidney Donor

2. Prabhu Yeshu Granth (Hindi Bible)

Thank you, thank you so much for standing in prayer with us. What a great trip I had to India! By God’s grace and through your prayers we accomplished several things:

— Nearly resolved the copyright issue..Please pray with us now for the BSI Executive Committee and Dr. Chako as they are to make a final decision on our proposal to use their out-of-print text — March 16 (our March 15th night in USA/Canada)
— Established a good relationship with Wycliffe India
— had six+ wonderful (and full) days of editing the text, testing some changes with Hindi-speakers there in Varanasi, and fellowshipping with those who give their lives for the sake of the gospel in Hindi and other North Indian languages.
–met brother Vivek who will put our preview text on an app (he plans to do that next week as we get some more final changes to him)

Thank you again so much for your prayers and partnership with us!

This is me on the Ganges River in front of Tulsi Ghat. Tulsidas (1523-1623) wrote his epic poem about Ram here (Ramcharitmanas). That poem has been hailed as “the best and most trustworthy guide to the popular living faith of the Indian people”. He basically took stories about Ram and put them into a form that the people enjoyed (and Bollywood continues to update his work). It is our prayer that our new translation can be a part of the movement to see the Bible become that “most trustworthy guide” for Hindi-speakers throughout the world.

Translation teammates Raman Singh and Swami Muktanand

Brother who drove our boat, sang bhajans about Lord Yeshu with us, Responded to 1 Cor. 6 in our new translation with a personal prayer request for inner change.

What is this? This was a breakfast called “eggless omlette” and chai. This vegetarian specialty is from Swamiji’s Ashram (which of course is vegetarian) in Varanasi! (it is made from suji — like cream of wheat — and channa /chikpea flour, little pieces of vegetable and fried). Yumm.. Bahoot badiya!

Experiencing God


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What: Experiencing God
When: 7pm Wednesdays starting April 4th
Where: The Fellowship at Field Store

Click here to enlarge Seven Realities of Experiencing God

Admin Team/Trustee Linda – Meeting with with Dr. Ted Elmore, Sunday, March 18, Noon


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Dr. Ted Elmore will meet with this team, Admin Team/Trustee Linda, on March 18, 2018 after morning service to give his insights on the two state conventions -SBTC and BGCT