Missions Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions


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In Southern Baptist life December is the month when we focus on International missions. Through prayer and the annual Lottie Moon Christmas offering Southern Baptists worldwide provide encouragement and support for the 3596 missionaries serving around the world, some in very remote and dangerous areas. These men and women, and in many cases their families, live among those they serve and witness and minister to. THE GOSPEL IS THE GOAL!

The International Mission Board has a single goal: take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost people of the world. There are over 2.8 billion people who have never heard the hope of the gospel. IMB missionaries, men and women called by God to the mission field, live in global cities (London, Mexico City) and hard-to-access places (Nepal, North Africa, Middle East) around the world. In Jesus name their presence, love, and message are making a difference in many lives. Praise God! Our prayers and financial support help them to spread the gospel, teach new believers, train pastors and teachers, and plant new churches. Please be generous in your offering and sacrificial in your prayers for them and those they serve.
The designated week of prayer is December 3-10. We will be receiving the LMCO all during the month of December.

Hark the Harold performed by the AD Players


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6pm Dec 3rd at The Fellowship

Hark the Harold
Written by Melanie Hampton

Harold is not the brightest angel in the heavenly host, and his enthusiastic shenanigans are really trying the patience of his new partner, Gabriel. As the two carry Godʼs message to Joseph and Mary, will the angels realize His plans for redemption? Find out in this heavenly production full of laughter and Christmas joy.

Friends of the Children’s Ministry


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What: Meeting of Friends of the Children’s Ministry
When: 11:15 am – 12:15 pm, Saturday, December 2, 2017
Where: Nursey/Preschool Area
Focus: Nursery/Preschool
Guest speaker: Dana Kawata

Anyone interested please join us.

Topics that may be discussed include:

• What do parents want to see when they enter the Nursey doors
• How might we make check-in and check-out more safe and efficient
• What are some safety and health issues that would be important to consider
• What short term physical changes might be made to improve efficiency, health and safety
• What long term changes might we plan for future growth
• How might we better schedule our people resources

Essentials Discipleship Groups


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Essentials Discipleship Groups – small groups focusing on discipleship. The tool we use is Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden a resource Pastor John discovered and approved. Jesus’s command in Matthew 28:19 is “make disciples”. The format is small group setting of 3 to 4 journeying together through 25 sessions of discovery in typically an every-other-week format. Greg Ogden gives an overview in this video clip: Greg Ogden on Essentials Groups . If you have interest or want to know more, contact Wendell or Cynthia

Martin Luther On Trial


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We were a group of 19, including 5 students, that attended this fantastic performance by the Fellowship for Performing arts. It was especially meaningful to see this live on-stage performance just 3 days before the 500th anniversary of the Reformation which is October 31st. In 1517, a young Augustinian monk nailed 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenburg Germany. This act launched the Protestant Reformation, or Revolt, depending on your point of view. Luther’s influence was great and far reaching. On page 151 in our hymnals is the hymn “A Mighty Fortress
Is Our God”. Both lyrics and melody were penned by Martin Luther between 1527 and 1529.

The play takes place in The Afterlife at a Crossroads between Heaven and Hell. Lucifer is the prosecutor and Katie Von Bora, Martin Luther’s wife, is the defense attorney with Saint Peter as the Judge. The accusation Lucifer brings is that Martin Luther, as a result of his 95 Theses, splintered the Christian Church and in so doing committed the “unforgiveable sin” and should rightly be consigned to Hell. A parade of witness for the prosecution included Hitler, Sigmund Freud and for the defense Martin Luther King Jr. and Pope Francis.

During the trial there were historical flashbacks to key moments in Luther’s life.

From Lucifer’s side of the stage smoke bellowed from Hell. The lighting, sound, staging and costuming were excellent! Having seen all Fellowship for Performing Arts productions to date this was the best yet!

Stay tuned! C.S. Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert will be coming to Houston in 2018, probably around March.



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Thanks to Ms. Shar-nel and Ms. Brandi and Ms. Jocelyn for sharing their time and talents to teach Super Second Saturday and Sunday School. We are so grateful to have ladies who will lend a helping hand. Thank you all for helping share God’s love with our kids.

Praise & Answered Prayers!


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Marla asked for prayer for the nursery. From those prayers:

 We are excited and blessed to have had Dana Kawata, Preschool Minister at Crossroads Baptist church (Crossroads Baptist Staff), do an “outside eyes” walk through of our nursery/preschool area. She also stayed several hours to help rearrange, sort and organize this area.

 Brandi Massey has volunteered to be the pre- school Sunday School teacher and Marla will be the Nursery Sunday School teacher.


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In the Student Ministry, we have been focused on the topic of salvation; how salvation is only found through faith in Christ, and what it means to show the world the richness of a life that has been redeemed. Now that we have laid the basis for our salvation, we will net focus on Evangelism. Over the course of this study, your teenager will hopefully understand that God has always had a heart for being in relationship with humankind, that Jesus desires for us to be active in sharing the Gospel with those who need to hear it, and that he or she would begin to identify–and address–some of the hang-ups that keep him or her from being more active messengers of the Gospel. Please pray, as we move into a really busy church calendar season, that many of our students will participate. Also, please pray that God will give me wisdom as I put together the 2018 calendar and our Student Ministry plan of action.

Sunday School


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SUNDAY SCHOOL Allow me to introduce myself, I am Oscar Garcia from the good old town of Lubbock, Texas, born and raised in Texas. I am former Texas Tech University Engineering graduate and employed by Jacobs Engineering as a Commissioning Specialist (Inspector). I moved from Lubbock to Dallas as God prepared my loving soulmate April in 1997. We have been blessed with two beautiful and awesome children MariElle and Levin whom we adore and love very much for they are blessings from God.

I have loved and served the Lord since I was a young boy and raised to do so unconditionally and unselfishly by my parents and grandparents whom the dear Lord has now taken home to be with Him. I have served as greeter, sang in the choir and volunteered in church activities because this is who I am, a servant for the Lord our God. I have been blessed tenfold by the Lord and will continue to serve our Him until I am called home.

It was a humbling honor to be asked to lead our Sunday school program as Sunday School Director by our congregation to be able to serve, love and share God’s word under His authority. As Sunday School Director I will be dedicated to do my best to help our teachers to reach, teach and minister to our congregation and community, by welcoming and encouraging their feedback and thoughts. And doing my best to supply the necessary teaching materials, training and electronic aids needed for their success in spreading Gods word.

There are so many opportunities to serve in the church and community to share God’s word. By simply greeting new visitors or volunteering over the weekend to mow a yard, remembering that each and every one of us are Gods little messengers planting a seed for the word of God. No matter who you/we are, we are all loved and will be loved by God yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. Do all you do in the name of the Father to glorify Him.

As a servant of God what I do, I do in His name under His authority, this has been my calling. It has always been on my heart to serve unconditionally and unselfishly, and I will do so until my time on this earth comes to an end and then I will serve and glorify Him infinitely for eternity. I believe in paying it forward and as recipients of His grace let us all be His disciples to reach, teach and minister the love of God to all.

Oscar Garcia

OUTREACH MINISTRY: Thoughts for the holidays


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OUTREACH MINISTRY: Thoughts for the holidays… Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it! The time of year we all start getting busy preparing plans and activities with family and friends. So much to do and see. For most of us, we’re all able to get out and enjoy the holidays while others are not. The sadness and loneliness of those confined is tremendous! A simple smile and a few kind words is all it takes to cheer them up. On the mission trip to Louisiana, we were able to visit a nursing home and saw firsthand how much the elderly enjoyed it. Sometimes that’s the only visitor they will have. We can do this again. There’s a home in Navasota that would love for us to come out. So while we begin our planning and scheduling for the next couple months, please think/pray about going to Navasota, one Sunday afternoon a month.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 Your Sister in Christ, Christie Atzenhoffer