Mid-Week Fill-Up


Family, God has called our church to great responsibility this year. There seem to be PILES of responsibility stacking up! ALL KINDS of them! Through it all, God keeps whispering in my ear, “Don’t worry; I’m taking care of this. You just keep doing what I’ve assigned, and I will provide ALL. ALL personnel, ALL money, ALL time, in My perfect timing.” Be encouraged by the many testimonies people have already shared with me this year. Witness to God’s hand in the smallest of details. Answers to prayers are flowing abundantly. God IS working for us. One of us said recently, “We have not because we ask not.” Family, let’s not forget to ask our Father for what He already knows we need. He’s waiting on us to rely completely on Him. Let’s approach the Throne of Grace confidently; without doubt…He is Faithful.

Also, there will be NO 5TH SUNDAY ACTIVITY IN APRIL. We will reschedule another date for fellowship in May!

JOIN US for our Mid-week fill up every Wednesday evening @ 6:15 for a light dinner (n/c) (nourished/physically equipped), and fellowship followed by Bible Study (nourished by the Word) @ 6:45pm.

Hope to see you soon, April G